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    Discover linkeme.ai

    The new AI that revolutionizing the Corporate Social Media Communication.


    Linkeme offers an innovative solution to automaticaly manage your company's presence on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Instagram.


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    Our solutions address

    the needs of companies,

    empowering them to leverage the full potential of AI.

    By seamlessly integrating AI into their operations, businesses can enhance decision-making, optimize processes, unlock valuable insights, and drive transformative growth.

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    With our expertise in LLM implementation, we enable companies to adapt to the changing market dynamics, and embrace the limitless possibilities that AI has to offer.

    Unleashing the Potentiel of Large Language Models

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    Data Collection & Preparation

    This initial step involves gathering relevant data from various sources and ensuring its quality, accuracy, and relevance for the AI project. Data cleaning, preprocessing, and transformation may be necessary to make it suitable for analysis.

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    Model Development & training

    AI models are developed and trained using the collected data. This involves selecting the appropriate algorithms, designing the model architecture, and feeding the data to train the model. Iterative processes of training, evaluation, and refinement are performed to optimize the model's performance.

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    Testing & Evaluation.

    Once the AI model is trained, it needs to be tested and evaluated using separate datasets to assess its accuracy, reliability, and generalization capabilities. This step helps identify any potential biases, errors, or limitations in the model's performance and allows for necessary adjustments or improvements.

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    Deployement & Maintenance

    The AI model is deployed into production, integrated into the existing systems or applications, and made accessible for use. Ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and updates are essential to ensure the model's continued performance, adaptability to evolving data patterns, and alignment with changing business needs.

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